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The Home Buying Processs

6 steps to buying a house in Tucson

  1. Getting a Loan
    • If paying with cash go to # 2, otherwise talk to a lender and get pre-qualified.
    • We don't want to get your hopes up about homes you can't afford and we don't want to show you lower-priced houses when you can afford something better.
    • Your monthly payment = Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance + Mortgage Insurance (sometimes there are additional factors).
    • To get pre-approved for a loan contact one of these trusted professionals:
      • Paul Volpe with Nova Home Loans 520-241-4048
      • Courtney Walker with Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.  
  2. Finding the Right Home
    • We search for homes that match your criteria and check them out!
    • Begin your search now, click here
  3. Make an Offer on one you like
    • Charlie determines the value with a comparative market analysis
    • The negotiation process:
      • They can accept, reject or counter.
      • You can accept, reject or counter.
    • Open an escrow account and deposit earnest money.
  4. The Home Inspection
    • Have the home inspected for defects and request repairs.
    • They can accept, reject or counter.
    • You can accept or reject.
  5. Ensuring the Closing
    • Verify flood plain status and lot measurements.
    • Verify that repairs are getting done
    • Verify that Title Company, lender and insurance company are getting necessary documents to the Escrow Company.
    • Sign the closing documents and have the deed recorded in your name.
    • Notify you when the deed has been recorded.
  6. You get the keys!

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